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Survivor - 02/21/08 - S16E03 "I Should be Carried on the Chariot-type Thing!"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at February 28th, 2008 (10:43 am)

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We start out at the fan camp, with a pretty pissed off Mikey. He had some words for Joel after they got back from tribal council, and he was none too happy as one could surmise (though, to his credit, he didn't yell or make a scene). Mikey told Joel that they should be keeping the tribe strong and that Joel made a mistake and (this is my favorite part) that if he wants to make up for it, he can. In his head, you know Joel was saying "fuck you, buddy." Mikey needs to not be so douchy or else he will be gone sooner rather than later. Joel needs to stop making too-soon power plays or he will be gone sooner rather than later. I think these tools will destroy each other long before the endgame.

The reward challenge is an all-out war. The tribes are given war paint, and the fans really go all out - Erik especially as he gives himself a skeleton/skull look that's kind of unsettling. The favorites aren't as creative, and Pavarti looks particularly retarded. Jonathan keeps sticking out his tongue and making maniacal faces, reminding me of Toa from American Gladiators. Heh. So anyway, on to the actual challenge. They are playing in a muddy bog of knee-deep water. Each team has three bags and an endzone. The first team to get five bags into their endzone simultaneously wins. The winners get three items they picked from a catalog, including tarps, fishing gear, dishes, etc.

This challenge is brutal as the only way to get the bags you need is to wrestle them from the other players. The favorites take an early lead, but Joel shoves Amanda to the ground to take a bag and tie it up. There are massive tackles happening all over the place - Jonathan slams into Alexis and a pile-up ensues, which James breaks up. The fans steal the lead at one point, but then Erik tosses Amanda over his head which pisses James off. He runs over to Erik in a fury and steals a bag. Suddenly the favorites steal a bunch of bags and Jonathan crosses into the end zone with a fifth bag for the win. As for Exile Island, the tribe picks Kathy again, and she is not pleased. From their own tribe, Ami volunteers and seems excited to get a clue to the location of the idol.

After the challenge, we an extended segment focusing on Cirie. We see her doing a lot of observing the other groups, and she's obviously wrestling with the decision about which group with whom to vote. She says in the end, she will go with who she can trust. Hmmm. Jonathan asks Cirie to confirm that she's tight with his group. She says yes, but you can tell she doesn't mean it entirely. Later, Parvati and Amanda are fishing with her - they point out that they haven't made any formal promises to Ozzy and James and offer Cirie final three. Cirie does more thinking.

Meanwhile on Exile Island, Ami is following the clues with Kathy following along pretending not to already know them. She secretly hopes she doesn't have to keep going back and forth through the water... Her wish is granted when a huge storm rolls in. The favorites have a cave at their camp and are unaffected. But the fans, with no tarps or even a decent shelter, are miserable. They get no sleep, and the next morning they look like the walking dead. Morale is shot. Not the best frame of mind for the immunity challenge, which comes next.

Each team has a giant net (kind of like a big basketball hoop with the bottom closed off) with ropes attached. Four tribe members hold the ropes to keep the nets in the air. The other tribe members toss coconuts into the opponent's net, making it heavier. The first tribe to let go of their ropes causing the net to fall loses. It's kind of close, but the favorites lose. They just don't have the grim determination to win like the fans do at this point. My favorite part of the challenge was Jonathan yelling at everyone while they're shooting and trash talking. Hahahaha - he's an ass but I can't help liking the guy.

After the challenge, the shit hits the fan at the favorites camp. Cirie is trying to decide which alliance to go with... now let's see, which one would you pick: the one where two of the key players offer you final three or the one where no one really offers anything and one of the key players bullies you into siding with him? Uhm, duh! As much as I dislike Team Whore, they did a much better job of enticing Cirie to their side. Plus, Cirie sees that she has more of a chance to manipulate Team Whore to do what she wants. If she stuck with the other group, there's no way she would be calling the shots. I can understand Cirie's choice - I don't like it, but I understand it.

Not only does Cirie get a final three deal, she also is able to get the Showmances to vote out the person she wants out - Yauman. Except for maybe Ozzy - he believes (and rightly so) that Yau is an asset in challenges and should stay for a while. Cirie is very adamant - she wants Yau, who is a big threat to find the immunity idol, gone. Jonathan is hopeful that Cirie will stick with them anyway (or that Ozzy will not vote Yau) and that Pavarti will be history. If only!

On to Tribal Council aka Jonathan vs. Cirie: The Rematch. They fight back and forth some more about more of the same, and it's apparent that Cirie will not be voting with Jonathan's alliance. When it gets right down to it, neither does anyone else! Except poor Yauman, who ends up leaving us... so sad - how can you not love that guy? Incase you're counting, Eliza jumped ship and also voted Yauman - she must have known he was definitely a goner and was going to self-preservation mode. Ami voted Cirie - lol.

Jonathan, you totally blew it! Instead of just trusting and hoping that Cirie stays in your alliance, you should have been offering her the world - especially since you know the other side was doing the same thing! Then you call her out in front of everyone - like that's going to make her go "oh yeah, you're right - I will vote with you!" You can't really get mad at Cirie for making the move that was best for her - anyone who's worth anything in this game would do the same thing. Shit - YOU did the same thing in Cook Islands! So, chill out and deal with it - find a way to adapt or you'll be next.

Whether Jonathan is gone sooner or later, he got one thing right. When he casted his vote for Pavarti, he said that following Cirie would be like a lamb going to slaughter and that Cirie would be her downfall. LOL - I hope he's right. I think Cirie chose to stick with the showmances because she could use them to get farther. And I hope it works!


Posted by: Tenna { i will holler you home } (tenel_ka)
Posted at: February 29th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)

Dude, I love Cirie and Jonathan, but I kind of wanted to smack the crap out of them in this episode. STFU AT TRIBAL OMG.

And Poverty is a tool still. I think I hate her the most right now. MIKEY IS A TOOL AS WELL.

I already miss Yau. D:

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