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Survivor - 02/28/08 - S16E04 "That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at March 11th, 2008 (04:10 pm)

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Reward Challenge - This episode's reward is a rooster and three egg-laying hens. The challenge is for people to swim under water to retrieve coconuts from an underwater cage. Once all the coconuts are gathered, the rest of the team unscrambles the letters on them to reveal a word ("Triumphant, by the way... I was hoping for "Dumbasses.") Dolphin-boy Ozzy goes out first against Jason (Jon Bon Jovi lookalike) from the fan tribe. Jason actually manages to keep up with Ozzy and comes out first with his coconut! One would be amazed except for the fact that Ozzy has a plan. Instead of moving only his coconut to the opening of the cage, he moves multiple coconuts, making it infinitely easier and faster for his teammates to retrieve them. Smart, smart move. It allows his team to pull way ahead and get their coconuts first. Cirie, Eliza and James (not a good swimmer, perpetuating the old reality show stereotype that black dudes can't swim) work on the puzzle. Cirie and Eliza are puzzle pros, so no needs for James to contribute anyway - but wait! James takes one look at the letters and says "Triumphant! Is that a word?!" Then he laughs, amazed that he was able to come up with the answer. Oh James, you are so silly. I'd still like you if you weren't contaminated by Parvati...

Immunity Challenge - Six from each tribe are connected by metal bars in a sort of circle. First they have to take turns using a set of keys to unlock the bars. Still connected to each other, they then have to maneuver together through some obstacles while collecting necklaces hanging in the trees. Finally the two remaining tribe members will take the necklaces and use them to complete a puzzle. The favorites get off to an early lead when they have more luck finding the correct keys for their locks. The challenge is pretty boring as the lead is maintained and the puzzle masters (Cirie and Eliza) solve it in record time. Looks like our fans are once again headed to tribal council. Is it time for Chet to leave?

Miscellaneous Stuff:
- At the beginning of the episode, Cirie and Ami discuss Ami's vote for Cirie in the previous tribal council. Cirie is upset that Ami voted for her since she would never have voted for Ami. Ami apologizes. Jonathan, meanwhile, overhears and interjects his snide opinions about Cirie. Heh heh. He and Cirie exchange choice words and there is no way these two will ever work together. In fact, with Yau gone, Jonathan better pray for some kind of break or else he's probably next. Whatever Cirie wants, Cirie gets. Why no one is trying to get rid of Cirie is beyond me - she is the most dangerous one of them all. Did no one watch her season?
- Back on the fan tribe, Mikey laments about Chet's laziness. He wants the old guy gone as soon as possible. Other people seems to want him gone as well, so that should be an easy boot at an easy tribal council, right? Not likely - nothing's ever that easy on Survivor. Ok, maybe Parvati. (Hee hee, that was too easy.)
- Eliza is feeling ill at camp. James says they should have voted her out instead of Yauman with Eliza in listening range. "I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE," she says. James doesn't care... "But you're about to die," he responds. In confessional Eliza says "I hate these people, I hope they get sicker than I am." Hahaha, maybe I do like Eliza after all. James and Ozzy might be regretting their decision, but that's what they get for following their hobags (plus Cirie). This will bite them in the ass far later on. These two are fun but sadly, they have no game.
- Kathy gets sent to Exile AGAIN. She looks like she wants to die when they say her name. Ozzy goes with her and certainly makes the most of his time there. Kathy is so dejected at this point, that she doesn't even look for the idol. Ozzy says he's looking for food and looks for the idol instead. He finds it and nonchalantly hides it in his hat. Then, he takes a page from Yauman's Guide to Immunity Idols and makes a fake one. (Oh Ozzy, even when you have game, it's someone else's.) The fake one he makes is pretty crappy looking, so I'd be surprised if anyone is fooled by it. You really can't ever underestimate the stupidity of people on this show though, can you?
- The fans seems to have an easy vote - Chet. Mikey says he is going to pretend to be Joel's ally and vote for Chet. Then he will betray Joel and cut his neck further down the line. Stupid Mikey, that plan only works if Joel wants to be your ally. Joel does, however, seem to want to keep the team strong. Enter Tracy, who does a phenomenal job of manipulation. She points out to Joel that Mikey wants him gone. She says maybe they should get rid of Mikey now while they can. Joel is, of course, intrigued by this. Tracy then asks why Joel is rolling over and letting Mikey call the shots. Joel's manhood feels threatened and he beats his chest a few times. Tracy's work is done.

Tribal Council - At tribal council, it's down to comments about keeping the tribe strong. Mikey and Jason are firmly pushing the idea of voting out the weaker players (i.e. Chet). Some of the others are a little more ambiguous, like when Erik says "You can run into a wall 100 times but that's not the best way to get rid of the wall." WTF. the best moment is when Jeff announces that it's time to vote and Jason stops him saying that he wants to emphasize the importance of the vote. Jeff, looking amused, sits back down and lets Jason finish. I think this might be the only thing Jason gets remembered for. This and his manpris.

After the vote, it's Mikey leaving. He-man Joel got his way, which really means Tracy (and Kathy/Chet by extension) got her way. Way to go Tracy - looks like she might the Cirie of her tribe! Next episode promises injuries, yay!