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Tenna { i will holler you home } [userpic]
ANTM - 02/20/08 - S10E01 - "Welcome To Top Model Prep"
by Tenna { i will holler you home } (tenel_ka)
at February 23rd, 2008 (03:57 am)

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Oh gawd, I couldn't bring myself to finish Cycle 9 recaps (...why are they called cycles anyways? kind of sounds like we're talking about periods here or something D:) -- so I'm gonna do a quick finish RIGHT HERE.


Anyways, now that the shit is over, we can get on with the good stuff, which is the new Cycle. NUMBER 10. :O!

Oh yeah, this one should be some classy crap. These chicks are busted.Collapse )

As for other recaps of mine, I'll be starting American Idol once the top 12 hits. There's way too much fodder now, although I'm sure I'll be calling back to a lot of it. XD Big Brother sucks major ass this current run and I hate everyone, which is pretty much no different than usual -- although, I usually like maybe a person or two, so we're passing on recaps for that piece of crap this time around. And one day I might finish the Amazing Race recaps. Nate and Jen didn't win, which still makes me happy to state.

zoopiglet [userpic]
Survivor - 02/14/08 - S16E02 "The Sounds of Jungle Love"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at February 21st, 2008 (11:40 am)

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Oh EE Oh EE Oh.Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Survivor - 02/07/08 - S16E01 "You Guys are Dumber than You Look"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at February 14th, 2008 (04:01 pm)

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current mood: cranky

And so Half-ASS begins...Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Project Runway - 1/9/08 - S04E07 "What a Girl Wants"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at February 8th, 2008 (04:17 pm)

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current mood: bitchy

Wow - we are so behind on these things. Good thing no one actually reads them!

You have to know by the episode title that this episode will be all kinds of blech.Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Project Runway - 1/2/08 - S04E06 "Eye Candy"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at January 14th, 2008 (12:31 pm)

current location: everybody work, ahhhh, big mean man whip us, we are slaves
current mood: hungry

Cheap candy makes for even cheaper dresses on the cheapest of sluts!Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Project Runway - 12/12/07 - S04E05 "What's the Skinny?"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at January 9th, 2008 (11:34 am)

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current mood: bored

The one where Steven gets screwed by the wedding dress.Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Pirate Master - 8/21/07 - S01E13 "Dirty Deeds, Not Done Dirt Cheap"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at January 7th, 2008 (04:45 pm)

current location: work - about to leave, yay!
current mood: blah

WTF AC/DC Episode Title?Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Project Runway - 12/05/07 - S04E04 "Trendsetter"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at January 2nd, 2008 (12:05 pm)

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current mood: tired

Trying to catch up after the holiday madness...

Bad trends made... worse?Collapse )

zoopiglet [userpic]
Survivor - 12/13/07 - S15E13 "Hello, I'm Still a Person"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at December 20th, 2007 (02:06 pm)

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No one cares about this episode since the finale already aired. Heh.Collapse )

The Amazing Race - 12/2/07 - S12E05 "We Really Burned Bridges, For Sure"
by Tenna { i will holler you home } (tenel_ka)
at December 15th, 2007 (02:40 pm)

current mood: creative
current song: "sick of man" - cold

That little blonde is a total bitch. D:Collapse )