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zoopiglet [userpic]
Project Runway - 1/16/08 - S04E08 "En Garde!"
by zoopiglet (zoopiglet)
at February 28th, 2008 (12:35 pm)

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The challenge this time around is another team challenge. Each team is to create an avant-garde outfit inspired by their model's hair style. Each team will select a leader, and the leader of the winning team gets immunity for the next challenge plus the outfit will be featured in a Tresemme ad in (you guessed it) Elle magazine. To make matters worse, halfway through the challenge, Tim announces that each team has to create another look! The new look should be a ready-to-wear outfit inspired by the avant-garde design. Can they find any other ways to torture the designers? Let's hope so.

Fun tidbits:
- Teams are assigned this time around, so who do you feel sorry for the most? I think it's a toss-up initially between Jillian (stuck with Vicwhorya) and Kit (stuck with Ricky). I'd also throw Sweet P. into the mix, as she's stuck with that douche Rami. - The only Dream Team in this bunch is Chris/Christian. They call themselves Team Fierce - heh. Christian is excited because this is the sort of challenge that is up his alley. Chris' background as a costume designer doesn't hurt either. When it comes time to select a leader, Christian doesn't want it because he doesn't want to get eliminated (LOL), but he ends up with the title since they both know he will be bossy anyway.
- Jillian and Yicwhorya conflict quietly from the beginning - they each have different views for their look and they each want to be leader. The end up flipping a coin and Vicwhorya wins - Jillian seethes quietly cursing her from within. In typical Jillian fashion, these two get way ambitious and suffer from Not Enough Time Syndrome. And this is before the second outfit was added to the challenge!
- Rami proves his assiness by sketching something without input from his partner and then ordering her around. And get this - his sketch has DRAPING. Shocking, no? But wait - there's a pant underneath, so it's different! Riiiiight.
- Kit and Ricky seems to work okay together, but ewww. Tim is worried. And it's no contest as to which team will be on the bottom of the list.
- Christian reveals that if he were a drag queen, his name would be Ferosh. Oh you silly little pixie-boy.

Designers: Christian (leader/winner) and Chris (aka Team Fierce)
Models: Marcia (striking overused high fashion pose #23), Lisa (this one bugs me)

Ok, so how could this not win? Jillian's trench coat is awesome, but this is something I could definitely see coming down the runway in some high-falutin fashion show in Paris with people oohing and ahhing (and fashion retards like me going wtf). Chris and Christian were the perfect team for this challenge, with each of them contributing to the overall look. Christian's aesthetic is ever-present, but Chris's influence is definitely showing as well. The ready-to-wear look is kind of meh, looks like anything else Christian has made - but I won't hold it against them.

Designers: Victorya (leader) and Jillian
Models: Jacqueline (sporting the Sanjaya 'do), Lauren (covering the strap on the dress that I don't like)

I find it funny that even though Vic was the "leader," this design is very obviously Jillian's. Leave it to Jillian to aim way high and have problems with time - but she sure pulled it out in the end! The trenchcoat frickin' rocks. The details are excellent (the lining!) and it's just fun looking. After shitting due to the second look being added, Jillian was even able to pull out the ready-to-wear look at the last minute, which is simple but not too terrible. I guess Vic worked on the shirt/pants that are under the trench. They're okay, I guess. The real talent here is obviously Jillian.

Designers: Rami (leader) and Sweet P.
Models: Sam (she's a'ight - too bad she's stuck wearing the same thing every week), Lea (looks like an annoying chick on my bus, eww)

Poor Sweet P. - getting saddled with this draping tool. Once again, Rami's design looks the same (except with pants) and not at all avant-garde. As a self-proclaimed fashion idiot, I'm not even sure what avant-garde means, but I know this ain't it. Rami ended up in the bottom two for this, and I'm so, so happy about it. Sweet P., on the other hand, ended up putting out a cute dress for the ready-to-wear look that the judges liked more than Rami's look. Take that, Drapetard! (New nickname for Rami courtesy of various people on the internet, heh - love it.)

Designers: Kit (leader/auf'd) and Ricky
Models: Marie (looks like Eliza from Survivor here), Amanda (odd face on this one)

Ewww, what a mess. Avant-garde is supposed to be extreme and boundary-pushing, right? This is neither. It's just pathetic and icky-looking. I think this is a case of the final product looking nothing like the original vision in Kit's mind. I feel bad for Kit since she is gone while Ricky manages to stick around... But that's what happens when you're the leader; it's the chance you take. And Ricky's ready-to-wear look = YAWN. When is he going home already?


Posted by: Tenna { i will holler you home } (tenel_ka)
Posted at: February 29th, 2008 12:15 am (UTC)
[ awesome - noodleboy ]

I swear watching Jillian and Vicho plot in this episode was like watching two psychopaths conspiring against something. Like they would always be whispering and looking all shifty eyed. It was like attack of the squirrels or something. O_O Aaaaand Lisa is a pretty fuggo model. She belongs on ANTM, yo.


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